Andhra Pradesh History Congress

Comprehensive History and Culture of Andhra Pradesh

Andhras have played an active historical role in in the cultural transition of India since times immemorial. Yet a comprehensive history about us and our culture has remained a long cherished dream but unfulfilled. Andhra Pradesh was the first lingustic state to be carved in Independent India by bringing the Telugu speaking people together by our constant efforts in free India. Our leaders were inspired by lofty ideals of nationalism. Leaders like late chilukuri, komarraju, mallampalli, suravaram, nelaturi, nidadavolu, arudra, puttaparti, to name only a few. Many were historians, scholars and linguists as well.

Since the beginning of twentieth century, by untiring selfless efforts they brought to light many facets of Andhra history and culture from a chronological and dynastic perspective. Also a number of scholars have brought out indepth studies with latest perspectives on economy, politics, society and culture of Andhras of different periods.

Thus there is a lot of material available, printed and yet to be printed, in archives, archaeology and university departments. And yet, Unfortunately, inspite of the best efforts by International Telugu Institute, Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Andhra University, Telugu Academi and AP State Archives, to prepare a comprehensive history and culture of the Andhras, due to reasons beyond our comprehension, the dream has remained a dream but not taken any shape. It may be brought to the notice of the enlightened people of Andhra, several other states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal have already produced their comprehensive history and culture of their respective people.

Andhra Pradesh History Congress is a registered voluntary body established in 1976 with the objective of promoting historical studies on scientific lines. It has successfully organized annual sessions and brought out proceedings without any interruption. It has the fortune of being associated with internationally reputed historians and intellectuals like sarvepalli gopal, romilla thapar, D.C.Sircar, H.Sicar, T.V.Mahalingam, G.S.Dikshit, Bipin Chandra, Irfan Habib, K,N.Panikkar, M,G,S,Narayanan, A.V.Narasimha Murthy, D.N.Jha, Sumit Sarkar, A. Settar, Arudra, who presided over annual sessions and delivered valuable addresses. In the past 22 years, AP History Congress not only made substantial contribution to the promotion of historical studies but developed strong links with national and international scholars of history and gained credibility as a serious academic body of reputation.

Having won the creditworthiness of academicians and academic bodies like the ICHR and UGC, AP History Congress in its 22nd session, held at Hyderabad, has taken a momentous decision to undertake the project of comprehensive history and culture of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh History Congress has all the necessary academic infrastructure in its band of about 300 professionally trained historians prepared to work with genuine interest beacuse of their love for their motherland.

In order to guide and help the project an advisory body has been constituted with the following members:

Prof. Sarojini Regani is the general editor of the project. The project duration will be five years. It is proposed to publish 7 volumes starting from pre-history to the present day, running into nearly five thousand printed pages. Currently the estimated cost of the entire project is nearly Rs.20 lakhs. Efforts are under way to approach the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Human Resource Development Ministry (Dept. of Culture), individual philanthropists of Andhra Pradesh for financial assistance to complete the project.

We solicit your enthusiastic association and active support in realising the long cherished dream.


For more information, please contact:
Prof. Vakulabharanam Ramakrishna
102, Devaratna Apartments
Hyderabad - 500 028
Tel: (91) 40-706-0905

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